Do You Have A Success File?

Do you keep a success file? If not, start now!

A success file can be physical or electronic. It is basically a compilation of all your accomplishments and the kudos others have given you.

It started as a way to prepare for my year end review. I wanted to remember what I accomplished to position myself for a promotion. So when somebody said something good about me, I would jot down a little note about it and put it in a physical folder that I had on my desk. After a while, I would ask if they would share that with me in an email so I could save it. They were usually happy to do it.

I still do it. If someone emails about enjoying a talk or a book, I ask if they will write a recommendation on LI or a review on Amazon.

It feels weird at first, but it becomes a habit and one that pays off. When you are asking for a raise or promotion, you have the data to support that request.

It’s not bragging or having a big head. Most of us are all too aware of where we are falling short and where we have made mistakes. We tend to obsess and dwell on our mistakes and not our accomplishments. A success file can help balance the scales. It helps on those down days to remind yourself of all the good.

The path to success can feel long, and sometimes, especially when we are not meeting our goals, it can be difficult to see the little steps that we have made and how far we have truly come. I encourage you – start a success file. Check in with it from time to time and pat yourself on the back. You have done great work and you deserve to be reminded of that!

You can even take this concept high tech. I have started getting videos testimonials. I even created a testimonial playlist on YouTube. Here is one I got after my Claim Your Power presentation at the Women of The Channel conference.

If you have seen me speak before (or do in the future) and want to do a video testimonial, I would love to have it. It makes my day! And more than that, when things get hard or I feel tired, these videos remind me that what I’m doing has an impact.

Create your own proof! Count your successes. Who can you ask for a recommendation?

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