Do You Self Promote, Really?

Is it a gender thing? Article after article claims that women are not comfortable with self-promotion.  I am not convinced this is a “female” problem.  Though Sally Helgesen in her book, How Women Rise, states it as the first habit that keeps women from reaching their goals, I think we can all find the right balance between being a braggart and claiming credit for our accomplishments.

I must admit, I struggle with it myself.  I have been sending out a newsletter for years and typically put the “here’s what I am up to” at the bottom in the More with Michelle section.  It’s comfortable.

Well, I am stepping out of my comfort zone because there is so much going on that I am proud of and want to share with you. You will be hearing from me a little more over the next month as I share all that is going on.

It’s not permanent and I hope you will stick with me.

BIG EXCITING NEWS #1The Connector’s Advantage launches in just a few weeks!  Mark March 5th on the calendar.

BIG EXCITING NEWS #2: I just got a makeover, two, actually. My websites have been revamped! Both and are redone and I am ready to share them with you. I would love to know what you think. Anything missing? Any typos?  I appreciate you letting me know. After working on it for months, I can’t see it clearly anymore.

So here is my advice… think of it as sharing.  Sharing is a positive action we can feel good about.  Sharing what I am proud of feels very different from self-promoting or even the humble brag. It’s so easy to find yourself content, comfortable in a certain place or with the status quo. But sharing your accomplishments may just open up eyes, minds, and doors to new opportunities. So keep talking, keep sharing. Be proud!

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