Research Shows the Most Persuasive Thing is… Confidence

Michelle Poses

Last week I shared a little bit from my conversation with Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm on the topic of clarity. To me clarity is key, clarity is not just about your personal brand but also your personal and professional goals. You can’t get the results you are looking for if you aren’t clear on what they are or lack the confidence that you deserve and are capable of achieving them. This leads me to point #2: Confidence. Here is an excerpt

Jordan: So confidence is great, it’s a great buzzword and it means a lot in context and nothing without it. Right?

Michelle: You know, there’s a lot of research that shows that confidence is one of the most persuasive things. You have to believe you first. But what is it about us that we’re believing? Is it our story? Is it our message? Is it our brand? So I think you’re right in saying that that does need to be defined. But we can also, we can fake confidence.

Jordan: Okay. Should we be doing that?

Michelle: I actually was listening to one of your podcasts today where you talked about the body affecting the mind and the mind affecting the body. And I do think that there is a chicken and the egg story with confidence. And sometimes, if you listen to some of those things, we can trick our bodies into feeling the things we want to feel. If we’re in a bad mood and we just smile and put that smile on for a little while, we’ll start to feel better. Sometimes I do use the idea of ‘act as if’, which people will complain is contrary to my first law of likability which is authenticity. But the truth is finding that authenticity within the “acting as if.”

If you want to find out more about incorporating and embodying confidence check out the and listen to the full podcast. There are so many little tid-bits that I couldn’t fit them all in.

Don’t forget to stop by next week to catch the conclusion of my chat with Jordan as we talk about connection and how connecting with people will build your brand more than you know.

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