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A Curation of Content From My Dog

Connections drive results. Yes, it is that simple.  Everything you do is elevated by human connection. Even your ideas are seen as more credible and trusted when you are liked by

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14 Tips for Leading Effective Meetings

Do you want tips on leading effective meetings? When Forbes reached out to me asking for a tip on this topic I thought, “Just one!?” ​​​​​​​In my head I started

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What’s The Point Of Social Media?

Do you spend too much brain power on your social media strategy? Do you ask yourself questions like… what platforms should I be on? How often should I post? What hashtags

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The Upside To Risk

I admit it, I am risk averse, at least with my finances. Those who know me would say the opposite in most other aspects of my list. I have jumped

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Connection is the Link to Success

Welcome back, here is the third installment of my favorite podcast with Jordan Harbinger on the If you haven’t seen the first two posts make sure to check out

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Top 5 Tips to Embracing Authenticity

Have you ever gotten in your head and over analyzed a situation? I see it happen often during the job interview process. I’ll never forget one former NYU MBA student

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Part 2: Social Networking Series

9 Ways to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Relationships Much like a live networking event, we log onto LinkedIn to make business connections. But as you know, simply making the connection isn’t

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Stay on top of peoples minds

How to Stay in Someone’s Mind Without Getting in Their Face

You just made a great connection at a networking event. You feel that ‘burden to meet someone’ lift from your shoulders and decide to relax with a drink at the

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Three Reasons Why Successful Women Are Not Considered Likable… And How to Change That

I was talking to my girlfriend the other day and started ranting halfway through the conversation. I had just read an article about likability in the work place and the

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