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Public speaking

How I overcame my greatest fear… public speaking

Last week, I channeled my late mother and bragged about my kids and their participation in the TAP challenge (Technology Awareness Program). I beamed about how my younger son overcame

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A Curation of Content From My Dog

Connections drive results. Yes, it is that simple.  Everything you do is elevated by human connection. Even your ideas are seen as more credible and trusted when you are liked by

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3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Coach

I am constantly being asked, “Should I hire a coach?” … and my response is often to talk people out of it. I know — I am a coach. Why would I

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Can You Make Someone Like You?

I know you’ve heard me say and write about the importance of likability. As an entrepreneur, it is a key component to building business, referrals and a strong professional reputation.

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The Elevator Pitch

I hate when people ask me for an elevator pitch. I know as a communications expert I should be ready with a polished elevator pitch and be able to deliver it with perfection. But I hate

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Are You Listening?

Photo by Gavin Whitner What Kind of Listener Are You? (Part 1) Rate the following listening scenarios from 1 – 10, with 1 being most like you and 10 being

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